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The Sunniest Place in the World... That you can travel to at the moment.

The tourism industry in Whakatane was highly reliant on White Island to entice visitors. After the Whakaari disaster and C-19, the council wanted to spring into action to restore some confidence and excitement in the region.

To entice Kiwis back they decided to pivot to the region’s other claim to fame – being the sunshine capital of New Zealand. 

Gathering a creative team of 10 to shoot a series of videos. The production has a total cast and crew of over 100 for the 12 scenes being shot.

With all other New Zealand regions trying to attract domestic tourists, the Creative Head at Whakatane District Council felt it was "important to get a kiwi as film-maker to tackle this project" so that’s why they chose Corbie Films.

The results exceeded expectations with 5x projected engagement of the campaign driving large numbers of visitors to the region

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