The Origins of a Revolution

Capturing the beautiful story of this Limited Reserve was a unique opportunity that we embraced whole heartedly. Telling the story of this extraordinary honey is inspired by the land that provided it was a challenge in regards of matching the talent on display by the artists making the pieces, capturing their passions and translating it to video. 

The rugged backcountry and remote location of New Zealand provide the ultimate environment for the bees to collect nectar. Harvested from some of the most pristine locations this honey is pure and perfect in every single way. 

Each piece, took inspiration and represents the beautiful landscape of New Zealand. The dynamic colour range in the glass resembles the rugged landscape of Tongariro National Park, part of the 'ring of fire' hidden under the submerged continent, Zealandia. 

To find out more visit zealandiahoney.com

The rest will follow.

Be creative.

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