Story has the power to change the world and we tell meaningful stories that are full of truth and emotion.

We believe that challenges lead to the realization of something new. Something new broadens our horizons, and we learn together.

Making films is one of the most challenging pursuits. Full of joy, frustrations and elation.

Filmmakers Don't Make Excuses, They Make Movies.

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The core of our team is small and mighty. And we have a wider team of talented experts who we collaborate with.



pae pāpāho pāpori



We are an award-winning multidisciplinary team based in Taupo. Our focus is on creating visual solutions and creative concepts, telling stories with heart that resonate with audiences.



Having picked up his first camera at 10 years old, Joel found a means to explore ideas, tell stories and ultimately share his vision. Now he spends every waking minute honing his expertise behind the camera and challenging himself to find creative and inventive ways to express his vision.


Joel's passion for the craft of film-making, makes him approach each project with enthusiasm and energy.


Our editor extraordinaire who orchestrates the rhythm of the visuals, the flow of the dialogue, and the connection of images and music.

Taking the story to a higher level requires the same dedication and persistence that any art form does.

Dewi's passion for film making started in high school and he has been editing for over 4 years for Corbie Films.


From script writing and ideation, through to organising talent and shoot schedules, the complexities of what we do wouldn't be possible without the impeccable detailed eye Nicola brings to the table. 

Film making is truly a collaborative effort and so much goes on behind the scenes to bring the ideas into reality.