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Kia Ora

Picking up my first camera at the age of eight whilst living in the shadow of Mount Ruapehu, I always knew I wanted to show off the beauty of Aoteoroa in a new and creative way. From time-lapse photography to super slow motion and aerial video, you will see this desire to capture beauty in all my work.

Drawing on an unbridled love of film, and my years of experience as a cinematographer and editor, I apply this knowledge and skill set to every project I direct and shoot. My aim is to show the world something unique, to capture the wonders of this world, and captivate audiences.

At our heart, we’re storytellers, but in our minds we think marketing and use the power and efficiency of video to deliver powerful brand narratives to audiences in entertaining, informative and engaging ways. Check out our work.


Digging deep to find the story beneath the words, to find the passion, people and expertise behind it.

Joel Corbett

- director Corbie Films


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